Cast Iron Enamel Casserole

Short Description:

1. Heavy-duty enamel coating.

2. Superior heat distribution and retention.

3. Apply to any kind of stove, heat transfer fast, long time heat preservation.

4. Beautiful appearance, special cover design keeps the airflow recycling and holds the scent of soup.

5. Colorful enamel makes it anti corrosion, anti-abrasion, anti-high temperature, non-toxic, eco-friendly etc.

6. Unique enamel makes the pot anti-acid better.

7. Easier cooking operation and cleaning, you can wash pot in hot water.

Product Detail

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Item No.



    Knob Packing Certificate





Dia. 32cm x Height 6cm

Inside: white or creamy enamel.

Outside: wholly red, green, blue, pink, orange, grey, black, or customized,

or colored enamel going into black.



Cast iron or

Stainless steel



Brown, white  or color box + Carton






1.Lighter with fine enamel finish perfect for cooking and serving. Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, non-toxic, matte black enamel interior surface.

2.Sure-grip, wide-angle wedge handles for comfort and stability.

3.Thicker base creates more even heat distribution.

4.Tiered lid design facilitates internal basting for deliciously moist food.

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